While at  home working out in her bedroom, Ashley hears a knock at the door. It is the police who have come to search her apartment for illegal activity. After watching thru the window of her stretching and  bending over in her tiny gym shorts they come in and put her against the wall with her hands above her head. They have her spread her feet and back away from the wall making her ass pop perfectly. She is arguing with them and resisting so they put her face down and spread eagle on her bed and then finally shackle and hand cuff her, which causes her to struggle even more. Finally before taking her in for booking (for resisting an investigation) they hog cuff her to keep her from squirming so much and making their job  more difficult.


For some, bondage can be a very erotic experience and a major turn on. I am one of those people.... I like having just enough wiggle room to get myself off while you watch me struggle to do it. See if you find it sexy too!


Ashley comes into the bedroom because she cannot find her new shirt. She sees you on the bed hog tied with a gag in your mouth and tells you "That's cute honey, but we have a lot to do today.... so stop messing around. How did you get yourself into that hog tie anyhow?" Then she notices an intruder has come into the room and very quickly realizes what is happening. The scene cuts to Ashley hog tied and laying beside you on the bed. You watch her struggle to get free but instead of being scared you are slightly turned on. You dont even care that the burglar has stolen your money and left! Finally Ashley gets her hands free and unties you. You help her with her foot tie while she is bent over with her yoga pants ass in your face.