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I know it's wrong, but there is something so sexy about making a married man give in and do dirty things with someone other than his wife. It's even better when his wife is my sister.


If there ever was a "girl next door" type it is Kimber Lee who appears in this video. Her innocent looks and perfect skin could make you think she is right out of a dream. She is wearing a little dress (just like the ones you wish you would see girls like her wearing at the night club). She does NOT dance innocently though. it is clear that Kimber Lee is confident and kinky


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While at  home working out in her bedroom, Ashley hears a knock at the door. It is the police who have come to search her apartment for illegal activity. After watching thru the window of her stretching and  bending over in her tiny gym shorts they come in and put her against the wall with her hands above her head. They have her spread her feet and back away from the wall making her ass pop perfectly. She is arguing with them and resisting so they put her face down and spread eagle on her bed and then finally shackle and hand cuff her, which causes her to struggle even more. Finally before taking her in for booking (for resisting an investigation) they hog cuff her to keep her from squirming so much and making their job  more difficult.


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